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Yutoku Inari Shrine
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In 1687, the Yutoku Inari Shrine was built upon the request of Kazanin Manko-hime, the wife of Lord Nabeshima Naotomo who ruled the domain of Hizen Kashima. At the shrine, the division of the deity Inari Okami, worshiped by the Emperor, is enshrined. The cult of this deity, the guardian of food, clothing, and shelter, is widespread among Japanese people.

The Yutoku Inari Shrine is one of the three most famous shrines dedicated to Inari. Over three million people visit the shrine every year to pray for good business, good fortune for their families, a large catch, traffic safety and other matters. It consists of the Gohonden, the Okaguraden, the gate, and other magnificent buildings, which are lacquered and colored gorgeously; it is called Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine in Kyushu. The shrine is a major tourist attraction.

a Tanka poem by Mokichi Saito & a verse by Ujo Noguchi
“Worshipping at the Yutokuin Inari Shrine, we talked about our long trip” (a Tanka poem by Mokichi Saito).
“The Yutoku Inari Shrine, a famous place in Hizen, enshrines a god who sends good fortune and happiness” (a verse by Ujo Noguchi).
Good business Good family fortune Traffic safety A large catch

Good business
Good family fortune
Traffic safety
A large catch

Enshrined Deities


This deity, known as Inari Okami, is worshipped as the guardian god for clothing, food, shelter and other matters related to everyday life.


According to Japanese myth, this deity, when Amaterasu-omikami (the Sun Goddess) hid behind a rock called Ame-no-iwato or Amenouzume-no-mikoto, danced in front of the rock to entice her out of the refuge. Omiyanome-no-okami is worshipped as a goddess who helps people master arts and crafts and sends happiness and peace.


This deity led the god Tensonninigi-no-mikoto during the latter’s descent to Mt. Takachiho. This legend has given rise to the worship of the deity as the god for safe navigation and traffic safety.

Subordinate Shrines in the Precincts

Sekiheki Shrine Yorozuhime-no-mikoto (Yutokuin)
Myobu Shrine Myobu Okami
Iwamoto Shrine Iwamoto Okami
Iwasaki Shrine Iwasaki Okami
Wakamiya Shrine Fumimaru-no-mikoto, Tomokiyo-no-mikoto