Guidance of Workship
Yutoku Inari Shrine

Red Seal

The Red Seal

Many worshippers have books called goshuin-cho on which they receive the sacred seal of a shrine and have the date of their visit and the name of the shrine recorded.

Two kinds (dark blue and pink) of goshuin-cho are provided at the Yutoku Inari Shrine.
A visitor who has received the shrine's seal is presented with a sheet of originally designed, oil-absorbent paper.
  • goshuin-cho
  •  sheets of originally designed, oil-absorbent paper

How to Receive the Red Seal

Buy a goshuin-cho.

Buy a goshuin-cho

First, you must buy a goshuin-cho on which to receive the red seal. You can buy one at the Yutoku Inari Shrine.

Hand your goshuin-cho to the receptionist.

Hand your goshuin-cho to the receptionist

Before offering a prayer, hand your goshuin-cho to the receptionist.

Reception is located to the left of the office on the back left side of the precincts.

The Red Seal is applied while you offer a prayer.

Offer a prayer.

Offer a prayer

After handing your goshuin-cho to the receptionist, offer a prayer in the Okaguraden to the right of the office.
Information on the Facilities in the Precincts

Pick up your goshuin-cho at reception.

Pick up your goshuin-cho

Give your name to the receptionist, and receive your goshuin-cho.

Pay a fee for having the Red Seal applied.

â—‹The fee for having the Red Seal applied is 300 yen.


The shrine is crowded with many visitors during the year-end and New Year’s vacation, festivals, etc.
Please allow for a longer wait time than usual to receive the Red Seal on such occasions.